What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is the most effective SEO technique available. It offers a cost effective way for even the smallest organisation to gain enormous exposure.

The plainest explanation is that you bid on certain search terms, dependant on how busy the search term is and how much you are willing to bid, you get a position in the top section of the page.

77% percent of all searchers click on the top 5 results, at Smart Media Solutions that’s where you will be – and that’s where you stay for the full period of your service with us.

Web users attribute high search rankings to high credibility – this allows small businesses with even the smallest of marketing budgets to contend effectively against big companies.

We offer paid SEO services on all 3 major search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Paid Search Marketing Manchester

Paid Search Stats

Top 3

The top 3 ranking ads get 41% of clicks.


When consumers are ready to purchase, 65% of them will click on a paid ad.


An average return of 2:1 is made by businesses using Google AdWords


Consumers visiting a site through a paid ad are 48% more likely to buy than an organic visitor.

Stats accurate as of 17/08/2017. Source: CleverClicks

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