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(a) "The Company" shall mean SmartMedia-Solutions.co.uk;

(b) "The Customer" shall mean any person firm or company or organisation to whom the Company agrees to sell "the Goods and/ or Services and/ or Services";

(c) "The Goods and/ or Services and/ or Services" shall mean the Goods and/ or Services and/ or Services (and any parts thereof) the subject matter of the contract as described in these conditions and (if appropriate) on the face of the Company's order acknowledgement form.

(d) "The Manufacturer" shall mean the manufacturer of the Goods and/ or Services and/ or Services.

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(g) Permitting or allowing the Material to infringe or otherwise prejudice our proprietary rights.

Property Rights
Each Company and Advertiser owns its respective web site(s) and the material and content on such web sites. Except as set forth in the next sentence, nothing herein grants to one party any right, tile, or license to the other party's intellectual property rights. During the term of the Agreement, Advertiser grants to Company a nonexclusive license to set up and display Advertiser's listing (including any name, trademarks and service marks shown) and to hyperlink to the advertised website.

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The Company will only agree to cancellation of this contract on the condition that all costs and expenses incurred by the Company up to the time of cancellation and loss of profits and other loss or damage resulting to the company by reason of such cancellation will be paid forthwith by the Customer to the Company.

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